FessNeki charity

FessNeki has launched a new initiative, namely giving up paintings for charity for public establishments such as healthcare, social, civil institutions. We offer those paintings that were created by our artists for schools, hospitals, daycares, retirement homes to make walls more colorful and bring a little happiness through art.

Besides our core activities such as providing painting classes for adults and providing them the circumstances and the facilities for a relaxing and fun activity we would definitely want to give something back to the community. This is the reason why we offer those beautiful paintings created by our artist to those institutions that are helping the most vulnerable groups of people.

– added the two owners of the FessNeki studios, Anikó Sávai and Rita Sávai.

We primarily are looking forward to the application of hospitals, schools, daycares, retirement homes and other civil organizations.



Takeover at the FessNeki studios

Contract on the terms of use.

We welcome applications at the hello@fessneki.hu email address or by filling out the registration box below.