The idea of community painting is originated from the United States and FessNeki was the first pioneer both in Hungary and Europe. Our main goal is to offer the opportunity of a fun, social activity, where our guests can tap into their creative sides. For this we provide a relaxed environment, high quality supplies, experienced artists so that success can be guaranteed for everyone. Our core mission is to make art available for anyone. Art is not privilege, the desire for art is there in each and everyone of us and the purpose of FessNeki is to offer a safe environment where you can create a one of kind piece of art through recreating and redefining a world-famous artwork.

At FessNeki our experienced artists lead the groups, meanwhile providing customized help to all our guests. Our core values are quality and originality. The one of a kind FessNeki experience is only available at our FessNeki studios on the Pest and on the Buda side.

We have numerous types of events. Impossible does not exist at the FessNeki studio, please feel free to contact us if you are looking for customized offers/options.

Rita Sávai

I am one of the founders and owners of the FessNeki studios. My background is not linked to any form of art, but paintings have always had a significant effect on me. I have given up on pursuing any painting or drawing activities at a very early age, but when a good decade later I grabbed a brush again at the course of a summer holiday, I was mesmerized by the freedom that the creation of an artwork gave me.
This was a turning point for me as I could personally relate to the need of creating art, therapeutic activities, leaving reality behind for a couple hours. The feeling of success through painting is available for everyone, the only thing that are usually missing are the tools and the help. This is what FessNeki provides with its classes and its spirit. It gives me lot of joy and happiness to see the happy faces, witness the confidence of our returning guests and letting go of all fears.

Anikó Sávai

I am a co-founder and owner of the FessNeki studios. After highschool I studied communications and after that I continued my studies and became a lawyer. I have worked in an office environment for years, lacking all sorts of creative activities. I have always felt that I long for something else and there is much more to come. I have loved the idea of FessNeki from the very first second, and building it up from scratch was a very exciting and challenging task, and still is. Seeing all the happy faces evening after evening brings me so much joy. It gives me pride that we can be part of people’s first experience in reexploring arts again.

Edina Simon

I graduated as a painter and recently I have turned towards art therapy and teaching. I am very interested in the psychology of art and bringing motivation to those who do not even know about their creative sides but are open to exploring it. I am an honest admirer of the artwork of Tivadar Csontváry-Kosztka, I truly recommend recreating his paintings to those who are mesmerized by the colors he used.

Dóra Kaltenecker

I am a sculptor and teacher originally, but I have truly found myself in painting and writing. As a FessNeki artist I have the opportunity to pass over my knowledge and I especially like doing that from one point of view. I would like to see how curiosity can blossom and show the spirit of free art for everyone. At FessNeki I love the impressionist paintings, especially landscapes and Monet. My favorite painter in William Turner.

Emese Varga

I studied graphic design and currently I am a student of the Hungarian University of Fine arts. I especially like those paintings that are inspired by nature and rich in colors, I luckily often get the opportunity to paint those kinds of paintings at FessNeki. My favorites are Monet, Afremov and Gercken.

Bernadett Breszkovics

Currently I am a graduate student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. I am mostly fascinated by the dichotomy of dynamics and harmony within painting. At FessNeki I prefer the stirring yet warm toned paintings. I like painting Leonid Afremov’s Romantic stroll, Monet’s Waterlilies and Degas’ Ballerina paintings, but I like a lot of different artworks from our list of paintings.