FessNeki: Chain Bridge

FessNeki : Chain Bridge FessNeki : Chain Bridge FessNeki : Chain Bridge FessNeki : Chain Bridge FessNeki : Chain Bridge FessNeki : Chain Bridge

Március 17., Péntek

16:00 - 19:00

FessNeki Pest

FessNeki - Rumbach Sebestyén utca 15./b., 1075, Budapest

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Páros festés két jegy vásárlását jelenti. Számotokra 70x55 cm-es vászonnal készülünk.
3 vagy több jegy vásárlása esetén csak bankkártyás fizetésre van lehetőség!
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Are you looking for a unique and creative activity while visiting the vibrant, fun city of Budapest?

Come sip on a glass of wine while painting one of the most spectacular attractions of this wonderful city. Our studio is located downtown in the city centre, where our talented artists will guide you through creating your chosen Budapest painting while sharing about the city’s history and traditions. You can take the artwork with you right away (no worries, it’ll fit in your carry on), or we’ll conveniently ship it to your address.

Spend an afternoon with us, paint your very own souvenir, mingle with others and have an amazing time while experiencing the real FessNeki vibe.

The classes are ideal for beginners. We welcome you to join, even if you’re artistically challenged. So, grab your friends, your significant other, or come solo and make some new friends! In the end, you’re guaranteed to leave with one-of-a-kind artwork and unforgettable memories from your Budapest trip.

More details:

Canvas size: 40x40 cm (15.75x15.75 in)

Duration: 2 hrs

You can choose your canvas either stretched or rolled, please let us know in the comment section upon booking. You can take your painting with you in a paper bag or in a box. Shipping is optional and the cost depends on the destination country.

Participation fee includes all materials, wine, tea, coffee and water.

Event will be held in ENGLISH

Contact us: hello@fessneki.hu

+ 36 30 264 8942

FessNeki Pest Address: Rumbach Sebestyén utca 15/b. (1st floor), 1075, Budapest